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Development of cross-platform databases
or simply apps

Why RV3 database?

Here are just some of the reasons:

Incredible speeds, sophisticated granular search, infinite sets of data, smart auto-complete of data entry, pick & choose lists, Time Machine backups, integration of email...


Speed of search

A set of over 10,000 (ten thousand) records can be searched and summarised at the speed of your fingers typing on the keyboard.

Average search times on a properly written database are less than 200ms
(yes, that's milliseconds, a thousandth of a second).

Granular search

Be as broad or as specific as you need in searching your data.
Any database can be cross-referenced with another database, enabling you to view all your data from any angle your like.

Infinite sets

Once you have decided what information you want to store, you can store it as many times as you like.
Some contacts might have only one phone number, but others might have a dozen. Not a problem.

Smart auto-complete

Auto-complete will show only information already entered for that particular field. As you type, the list narrows down and then you can either pick a suggestion, or make a new entry.

And it's all done unobtrusively as you type.

Pick & choose lists

Any record can be viewed on it's own or as part of a list.

Lists show any part of a record, or any related records.

You can refine and share lists with your co-workers.

All you have to do is pick & choose.

Time Machine Backup

Every time you make any change in the database, a backup copy of that information is made.

This gives you incremental backup, that can be invoked and restored at any point. You can either replace the current record, or insert it as a new one.

No information will ever be lost again.


Database uses available data,
to double-check it, validate it
and then generate beautiful emails.

Give it a try:


Any projects will run from a server, which is just another computer.
If you have a Mac it's all already there.


Your own office computer


Someone's data centre



  • Very fast, when used in office.
  • File sharing and other services easily integrated.
  • No limits on your storage or usage.
  • Will work without Internet connection.


  • Can be expensive to purchase.
  • Can be slow when used outside of office over Internet.
  • Will need DNS programming first.



  • All infrastructure is already in place and working.
  • Fast connection speed regardless of your location.


  • Hosted servers have low CPU usage(10%), limited space (1GB), and limited bandwidth (10GB).
  • Dedicated server (from £800+ a year).
  • No Internet access – no server.

Decision time

Your final decision will depend on what you already have, under what contractual terms, and of course on your budget.

Rule of thumb

Hosted solution - Quick and cheap, but with lots of limits and caveats

In-house - Proper solution without limits, but initially more expensive


All RV3 work is done using Open Source.

Open Source remains yours for future development or for you to reuse as you see fit.

  • Open Source technologies
    free to download, install and modify.
  • There are no licence fees.
  • Source code is supplied unlocked, and you are free to modify it as you see fit.

Apache web server

Apache is web server software, FREE to get, and immensely powerful.

Any site that needs to run mission-critical applications runs on Apache.

Including Microsoft’s Office 360;)


MySQL is a very powerful and super fast database. It is based on SQL standard, and if speed and security are issues this is the way forward.


PHP is a server side processing language, essentially a bridge between Apache and MySQL.

Latest versions of PHP are now fully object driven and have many modules like SSL and IMAP emails.


JavaScript is client side scripting language, with the most powerful object model ever.

Any web site that interacts with you does so through JavaScript.

JavaScript is included with every web browser.

Common pitfalls

Common pitfalls

In over 20 years of software development a lot has been learnt about how to make wonderful systems.
But also learnt are common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid along the way.

Do it yourself

We think of other people’s work as easier than it is.

The same rule probably applies to your trade as well.

A professional will save you time, money, stress and possibly a lot of heartache.

A professional will have experience, skill and knowledge – they will deliver a much better result.


Good specification is not an overnight job or a gut feeling, it takes real time and effort.

Specification can be written on a napkin, but it has to communicate requirements and constraints precisely.

Cutting corners before your project starts will lead to increased costs and time delays.

Underestimating time

Doing specifications, design, prototyping, coding, testing – all takes time.

Allow at least a month of time from agreeing to hire a software developer to completion date.

Too much with too little

“You can either prioritise functionality, cost, or time, but you cannot have all three”

Set your priorities around your means and objectives

Be realistic – don’t expect a Mac if your budget is better suited to a PC.


Programming projects and delivering them often overrun in both time and budget and you must plan for this in advance.

Consider an additional 10% of the budget for contingency and be on the safe side.

Changing specification

Accurate pricing, work and delivery rely on accurate specification of the project and what you want to achieve.

If you change this after the project has started, you should expect the price to increase too.

Live production

Never use your live production computers for development work, prototyping or testing.

Have a spare machine to do development on.

Your live production machine downtime will cost you a lot of time and money and you might loose your other work unrelated to the project.

In good hands

After everything said, each project will have different set of demands and constraints that will be a challenge.

With some proper planning and preparation, there is not a problem that hasn’t got a solution.

What others say

He's always able to clearly rationalise complicated and often conflicting issues and suggest clear implementable solutions to enable the database to develop.
I would thoroughly recommend his services.

James Munro, Granit Architects

What others say

I have always found him to be reliable and to have excellent insight into requirements, with sound judgment on the level of complexity of any potential solution that is appropriate to the need in hand.
I rely heavily on my computers and I find it very reassuring to know that Vuk is at hand.

Douglas Chamberlain, CBE MD HonDSc FRCP FACC EFESC FERC

What others say

First rate, always seems to be able to fix it.
Very helpful, nice to work with and good value for money.
I am a fan.

Robert Wilson, Granit Architects

What others say

I have just one word for your new database.Brilliant!!!
Information that took me ages to sieve and find is now there in moments.
And it's just as good on my mobile. What a result!

Tara Solesbury, Digital Media Consultant


Vuk Milutinovic


07951 052 005


07951 052 005